Thursday, August 11, 2011

our trip to the CRIT of oaxaca

we are starting to prepare for our trip to oaxaca city on sunday ,under normal weather and road condisions it takes only a 6 hour drive tru the mountens.
it now raining season so i am not sure the condicions of the road ,it is a very small road with lots lots of curves,hope there are no mountenslides that block the road
we have apointment for monday tru friday in the CRIT (rebilitacion center of the teleton)so we will be haveing a very bussy week have to see how we can fit in some of our ABR  training
this past week we have been doing 4 tot 5 hours trying to do some more so we do not lose to much hours next week
altleast we can do the next the hour to 2 hours sinds we can do that in the stroller so while we wait we can do bit by bit .

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