Monday, January 9, 2012

next ABR training

we have our next appointment for our ABR training  in march
we are hoping for good results from our last months ,we have not been able to do as much as last time sinds it is harder to work on misha her back
she can not lay on her belly after eating because of her reflux
but we are getting there
also with the vaction periode had to do more things and even now doing lots of paper work but next week we need to get at least our 3 hours a day if possible more
we will see could really use a second pair of hands to help so if your close by help is welcome
we are also looking to get our funds together to get our ticketes and pay for our next training
but the results we already have makes all woth it ,most people see the results as little they do not understand that for a child like misha they are mayor steps
best whishes for the new year

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