Sunday, February 5, 2012

G tube

The other day I read a bouth an other child like misha who is getting a g-tube .
It made me start to think ,I have been told misha is in the 20% of this type of children that can eat normal then I fought that is very good ,lucky little angel.
Then I rememberd that when misha was little no one ever talked to me about that she can have feeding problems ,so it has never been in my mind to limit the way she eats ,I do give her small pieces but she eats solid foods and she chews.
To my personal point of few I think you suld not limit a child then you will create the limitation ,like they always told me do not put misha on her belly have her sitting in a 45% angel this limitations have made to my personal point of few many of misha her limited neck control and sitting possibility ,at one month of age misha was starting with her head control she kept her head up ,they gave her so much ant epileptic medication she slept for almost 6 months ,her drugs where in a very high dose she slept even when eating .misha could not develp any further she was a very strong baby ,by her I feel the limitation that where put on us made also that misha has more disability that she needed to have and she was Olson over medicated , when we got to Rome misha was still on the same dose of medicine as they gave her in her first month and the neurologist said she was on a high dose ,she was double the weight !!!!!!

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