Wednesday, May 2, 2012


family ,what suld you expect from you family ????
that is a question that has been on my mind for a long time
one feels they suld be there for you in the hard times and one hopes for there suport and help special for a special needs child
one as a mom to a special needs child you give your live for your angel ,not thinking 2 X  abouth it.
it is very hard when the famlily of your special needs child do not feel the same way abouth your special needs child or do not show it ,do they come by for love or is it more a must ,do they hide the fact that there is a special needs child in there famliy???
I have many questions ??????
all I now is I take care of my little angel ,I love her she is special and any one who does not see that is blind ,misha is a most special child she is an angel walking this earth and she deserves respect .
it makes me sometimes very sad ,and very happy to see lots of the other little angels with there familys ,and how they are happy proud and spend time with with there special needs child ,how they try to be part of there special lives and do there best to make there live the best it can be.
I do hope one day misha her family will see how special she is and want to be part of her live .
me as your mommy misha I love you you are my everything I miss you when i do not see you for 5 minutes ,I love you my little angel  !!

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