Saturday, May 12, 2012

little angel

we have done for the first 3 years fisical reabilitacion and really did not see many changes .
at one month she was able to hold her little head up and hold her bottle ,then she started anti epileptic mediceins and she only slept til she whas 8 months old!!!
i have taken her off almost al the anti epileptic meds and she is doing so much better
the neurologist does not like my disicion

after that misha never gained head control, arm movements ,sitting she never even got to the first milestones
we did the glen domann book and misha showed more reactions but her body whas not strong ,her body whas colapsed ,then we started to do  ABR(adanved biomecanical reabititacion) and to my opinion rater fast i shaw changes coming ,misha never had a neck her head kind of rested on her sholders and in 2 months i saw changes coming ,now over a year of doing ABR  we see changes and for a little girl like misha they are a lot ,all the docters we have seen either told us she could never do any thing just kind of keep her healty and move her a bit .
we are very happy to have started ABR and have her on g-therapy,now we see changes they said misha would never make !!
i never gave up on her i always said no she  will she will
and i still say she will ,it is just a lot of work and many hours ,she is an angel and worth all the work ,i will never give up !!!some days are very hard one gets tired and some times i feel sick but misha comes first so we go on
i want to see misha sit by her self and hold up her head
then we go and visit all the people who said no she never will ,we are working to that and we will do it
she is my angel and she works very hard in getting better and being the best she can be

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