Monday, June 18, 2012

surviving huracain charlotta

frijday evening huracain charlotta entered in to puerto escondido ,i am very happy to say misha slept tru the hole ordeal when she woke up it whas just a normal day for her.
it was very scary ,in 1997 huracain paulina also came strait for puerto ,a bigger huracain ,but charlotta whas much more scarry the winds sceamed ,all kinds of debrie flying tru the sky ,it was dark and no lights .
maybe better sinds we could not see all that happend around us !

the doors to my house almost blew inside had to build in between my 2 doors a cloth wall  ,our 4 dogs and 14 cats where all scared and we had to lock them inside the down part of the house and we 3  ( misha me and katia )where upstairs,we where very lucky the man that works here he helpt us a lot getting the water of our patio and making sure everything whas secure ,we did make preperacions in the day to secure all lose things got locked up so nothing culd fly or drift away.

the water in the street could go no where it became a river with palm leaves ,matresses ,tables trash ,glass ect.,there came no help from the city ,we had to take the trash from the street so the water could go in the rain drain and go to the beach .

today we had some sun so everything could dry a bit ,but this evening the rain started again
and it looks like the haevy rains and winds can come back we will now in the next 24 till 48 hrs
the remances of charlotta died but where she died of there are new flares of rain and not sure where they will be heading hope they go in the ocean and do not come back south
lots of people here in town lots all there belonings there roofs blew of there homes and the water came in ,also lots of the restaurants on zicatela beach have lots of damage .
we do hope for every ones sacke the rains stay in the ocean and leave us alone,pleaseeee

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