Sunday, June 3, 2012

time fly's by

it has been a while sinds we posted but time seems to fly by ,your always bussy
doing our ABR training ,eating ,bathing ,drinking and it is already night again
so today we said ok we take a day to just be together and just hug lay in the pool and hug some more ,go for a walk by the beach ,we never get time for the fun things,it is just misha her mom(me) and katia
we are always in a hurry to get the most therapy done (what is not always easy),to make sure misha has eaten anough ,did she drink anough,she does not like to drink,she is drinking this past week much better
today she ate and drank very well ,misha is trying different foods ,and to our good pleasure it is going all very well.
in september we will have our next ABR  training
going to sleep right now ,sinds misha is a sleep :)

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