Thursday, September 29, 2011

heading back to puerto

after 28 days in amsterdam and belgium we are on our way to puerto escondido

we had a nice time seeing friends and family and we will miss them all a lot sinds we did not get to see them as much as we wanted!!!
the flight from amsterdam to mexico takes 11 hours so a long trip we had a very nice flight attented who kept the chair next to us empty so misha could lay down and sleep,she did not sleeptomuch but at least she had a comfortable bed
once we are back in puerto we will have to start again to work very hard sinds in amsterdam we did not have the right work space so we could not do all excercises but we did do the ABR  machine and made from 7 to 11 hours a nght on the torax and the pelvis so we have done great hours
we will allso start to do the side of the hips and the chest one week and then again torax and pelvis
hoping to make a great advance till our next trip to ABR
we are now in mexico city  and will go to the aerport in a little while 
back home our internet conection will be better i hope and then we will be able to give our weekly reports
kisses to all

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