Sunday, September 11, 2011

our trip to hasselt belgium

we drove monday mornig early to hasselt belgium ,we had an apointment with leonid blyum for misha her assesment avaliuation to see haw she did in her first 5 months of ABR

we are very happy she did well she is responding good to the therapy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so now we have new exercises we will start working on her back with the BALL
also we will start working on her wrist with the EGG
will put photos of the EGG so you can get an idea
we also rented the ABR machine so we can make more hours of ABR  special if i need to do somethings or when we sleep
the ABR  machine  we are still working the front the torax and the pelvis
misha slept last night with the ABR machine for like 7hours and she suported it fine
now also while making her food and doing some more things that need to be done she is on it and  we are almost in our 4 th hour ,soi get some peace of mind that still something gets done with ABR  while i have to do the necesary things
so in a while we will start our manual therapy ,going to have some fun and get to spend my time with my angel ,i love her soooo much and misha love me more you can see her expresions when i hold her pure love

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