Saturday, December 10, 2011

a dad who does not partisipate in his special needs child needs

my big question is how can a parent walk out on a child ,and a special needs child !!
and just start a new live, like the child is not there or pretent she is not there ,make a new baby with no health problems and live your live with no problems ,he is not in the childs live so he does not partisipate in her reabititacion or the costs for reabilitacion or medicens
if  parents do not get along that is fine they do not need to stay together, but to forget abouth your child and not help to get your baby to the best they can become in live and help them every step of the path to wellness give them love and the best treatments .
that is very hard for me to understant and to be honest i do not want to ,i can not resect a person like that
it is a very sad situacion .luckly misha always has her momy that loves her with all her hart and does all she can for her !!!!

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