Thursday, December 22, 2011

same old same old

not much has happent these past weeks
working hard  on misha with our ABR  ,getting her  to eat some more to gain weight she has not gained any weight really in the past months ,but she has gotten taller
she has been sleeping again a lot ,has had many day's full of smilles and now the past 3 night(after 12 am) lots of crying ,i now she has gasses and they give her colics but she can cry 2  to 4 hours with out stoping
but on the other hand i some times i  think she cry's also because she is growing a lot and her body is changing all with all the ABR we are doing,it is making her bone structer move around and change ,lots of good changes ,she is also getting stronger more control of her head and her trunk
so we are very happy with our work

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