Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Being sick

Saterday misha started feeling bad ,by sunday fever even with a paracetamol de fever kept up ,going up and down ,luckly we where able to contact her docter and on a sunday,he whas not in town but indicated what to give her .
Now she has oral antibiotics for one week  and for 3 days she needs a injection of antibiotics ,also taking claritin and  something for the pain and fever. And a asma medication and vapor baths
Luckly today she is feeling better ,hungry again and wanting to drink.
You can see very well when misha feels sick then she turns her eyes up ,now she looks strait forward again.
Today we got smiles again A happy face ,she even cryed to get food
Misha got me sick to so we are nicly sitting togetter and cudeling ,the way we love :)

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