Thursday, November 1, 2012

last months

after a long pause ,I will try to update a bit of what happened in the past weeks or more like 2 months

In september we where supposed to go to Holland and Belgium for Misha her next ABR  training .
So sadly we missed our next training and for the next 6 months we have to keep on doing the same once's we have been doing .
at the end of August Misha also had 5 day's of reabilitacion in oaxaca city in the CRIT(teleton) ,
5  long day's ,weak up at 6 am going to the center not getting back till the afternoon .

we had 2 weeks in between oaxaca and our travels, Misha whas doing great till the night we had to travel,the airlines are not to flexible even with sickness we lost our tickets and hotel :(

we where not able to fly because misha had a bad bronchitis ,she had to go on asma medicacion ,
2 x a day nebuelizations to help the swelling of the bronchus to go down ,so she had to take antibiotic's to help speed up the proses of the infection.

when ever Misha takes antibiotic's she has problems with her stomach for the next 6 weeks ,have to find a natural type of antibiotic's ,so any one an idea the are more then welcome

so little sleep for me taking care of her at night trying to do her therapy in the day in between feedings getting her to drink enough water

Misha luckily got better in 2 weeks and then we had to go to the reabilitacion center in oaxaca city 15  16 and 17 of October ,there they put Misha on a special machine ,they put a special jacket on the child it puts in air and it shakes ,it helped a lot to clear up her bronchus ,she will has 2 more treatments with this machine in December

also one day while eating breakfast she was having fun and she started to laugh ,but laughing with sound ,still waiting for it to happen again ,it was the greatest day ever :).

she has been very tired lately i think she must be growing ,hope so .

Misha is having some weight problems she in not gaining any weight ,she has lots ,must be having been sick so now we are trying to help her gain some ,hope so .
right now Misha is sleeping so that means i need to sleep to ,goodnight

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